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Traditions of Korean weddings

The korean wedding tradition is a series of rites that respect the couple’s families and their identity, unlike some American marriages, which are typically just one big gathering. Every detail has a specific relevance, from the attire to the foods to the arrow and drink.

The Paebaek serves as the opening service. This was once solely for members of the family, but it can now accommodate visitors. The bride and groom meet with their innovative in-laws at this meeting, who are seated behind desks stocked with various foodstuff. The symbolic jujubes ( Korean dates ) and chestnuts, which represent children, are two of these foods. The partners gives the parents their riches and takes a heavy arrow. Additionally, they drink a mug of purpose jointly. The newlyweds attempt to catch them with their skirts, but the in-laws next turn the jujubes and chestnuts up. The number of sons or daughters the couple will have is said to reveal how numerous they catch.

The groom’s area presents the bride’s home once the proposal is final. Although they are typically private goods, they can be more cheap. The bride’s mom generally wears a mild blue gown, while her daughter likely utilize a red or pink one.

The Jeonanrye, which the bridegroom presents his potential mother-in-law with wild birds, is another pre-wedding ceremony. This demonstrates that he will be faithful to his innovative wife and that their partnership will last a lifetime. A present of earthen ducks replaces this one from nowadays.

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